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Story Idea - New Flashlights

What time is it when your flashlight dies? Time to venture down to the local pet store and buy a new little critter. What? Yes, in this part of the future, new creatures have supposedly been “raised” to help save the environment, reduce the number of batteries that leak into the ground, and provide a more continuous source of light while providing a pleasant little companion as well.

What you find on this venture though is a little disheartening and definitely not aligned with the “Saving the planet, one alternative at a time” slogan the stores tout on their cages…these creatures were actually taken from the planet, Mercury. After years of research, scientists finally found a way to breed them, but the government is still rounding up thousands of these creatures and erasing them from the surface of Mercury.

How did you find this out? Who or what shared this news with you? How can you prove it? Will anyone listen? Can you make a difference? Or, is it just a part of the process of things? Choose your path. Choose your characters. Choose your storyline. Remember, short stories are shorter than novels. Keep your story focused and save the rest for a longer work. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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