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Story Idea - Traveling Keyboard

An individual who stresses too much about something little…something so little, he has to bring it with him wherever he goes…just in case…What is that something you ask, a computer keyboard. He doesn’t want to us any other keyboard. His keyboard is perfect. It always has been perfect. This is part of the problem. It can connect to any machine; be used on any operating system; fit in the tightest of places.

Why does this character need this keyboard? What does this keyboard look like? Does it roll up? Is it foldable? Are there adapters that go along with it? Was the keyboard a gift from someone? A family member? A girl friend? Part of an inheritance? Is the setting now or in the future? Is this a common practice or a unique one?

Decide on the path. Decide on the why. Decide on the story, but write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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