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Story Idea - The Proposal

Short stories easily become long stories if writers do not plan effectively. The interesting thought, though is that as much as we would like to plan effectively in the real world, a muse somewhere wonders in and changes it. This is especially true in romance. The topic for today is more specific than romance itself. Rather have your character propose.

Rambling through the many, many thoughts that enter into consciousness can be dangerous, but necessary to share the emotions with your readers. If you have been in the shoes of the one who proposes, gather your memories and write down key moments. If you are the one who received the proposal, think about the emotions that went through your partner’s mind as the words flowed out and the excitement hit.

Connect it to a poem…connect it to a person…more importantly, connect it to a memory. Your story will be more complete and your audience will be immersed in the muse of the moment rather than the words on an inanimate piece of paper. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

If you are struggling with how to get started think of what this individual may have experienced while creating the complete experience within this verse:

Would You…

If I were the ocean or the deep blue sea, Would you perhaps come sail on me?
If I were a white fluffy cloud floating on high, Would you perchance fly on by?
If I were a stretch of land covered by bright yellow sand, Would you caress me with a soft delicate hand?
And, if I were a cozy camp fire, Would you absorb my warmth for awhile?
And, while we rest together cozy, comfortable, and calm, Would you marry me and enjoy an eternal psalm?

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