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Story Idea - First Date

First dates are exciting for a teenager. It is not always about the physical relationship. Rather is it about coming of age and a connection with another person. Many of those first dates may not have turned out the way we would have liked them. Many of those first dates never resulted in any type of relationship other than a good memory of a simpler time.

Choose your point of view. Write after the question was already asked. Was there a special event that prompted this prompting? Was it a prom? Or, just a simple dance? Is one of the characters an athlete? A member of the band? Or, the president of the video club? Choose your traits wisely. Remember your first date and assign common characteristics to your creation. If you have children, think of their excitement, their enthusiasm, their anxiety.

Encourage a storyline that you can connect with. However, remember that you need a plot and a reason for telling your story. The setting usually doesn’t cover the purpose, so create one along the way. Your story should take pages, but not volumes. Save the rest for other storylines. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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