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Story Idea - Storms Rising

The wind shifts and the rain pelts the dry earth below. The sky darkens and the winds increase in intensity. The calming drips of a slow rain as it provides tasty water to the thirsty verdant terrain. It was light just a few moments ago. There were no cars on the road. Now, a parking lot rests on the pavement and darkness scatters among the residents of this small town.

In the distance, the wind is swirling a little too naturally…a little too quickly…a little too threatening. Your main character sees the funnel begin to form. She looks around her at the constant stall ahead of her. She looks to the left sees a man in a collared-shirt and tie paging through messages on his phone. She looks to the right and see a mother and her two small children perched in their car seats.

What are her next actions? Where does she go? Does she find shelter? Does she warn her neighbors? Does she represent something more supernatural? Decide on the details. Decide on the impact. Decide on the emotions to share. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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