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Story Idea - Eaten and Not Burned

Smithy was also a bit on the heavy side, but he was not too large. He was definitely an over-eater who had hoped at various moments to control his appetite. This was to no avail. Every attempt Smithy made to stop eating caused the desire to grow even more. He never left a meal without eating dessert. After one meal at a new restaurant, his usually painful and immediate heartburn did not return. As he finished his appetizer, he reached for his medication in his top pocket. As he was about to take it, he realized that he did not feel any pain. He put the pill back in his pocket and moved to his main dish. As he continued to eat, he searched for the familiar pain. Nothing…Smithy began to wonder what had happened.

What did he eat? Where was the pain? Why did he not feel the gurgling? Why did he continue to dwell on this? What else did Smithy order? How long did he stay at this new restaurant? What is this place? When did it open? Describe the servers, Describe the ambiance. Describe the food and its taste. Try to stay in the restaurant during this story. Try to be particular about the interactions with others. Try to create a unique ending. ? Decide on your direction. Decide on the story and write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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