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Story Idea - Imagination Alive in the Big City

Life is the big city is tough enough. However, when a grown man starts seeing unicorns, elves, and trolls, life becomes even more difficult. He can not explain or share with anyone what he sees or why he sees it. However, this poor soul has watch the trolls throw tacks on the roadway and laugh as tires exploded over bridges. He has observed the elves spray painting on the sides of buildings. He has even seen a unicorn lick the top scoop of an ice cream cone and cause it to fall to the ground, leaving a mother to deal with a crying child.

Why can he only see the creatures? What else happens that other beings are influencing in our world? Is he the only sane one? Or, is the random bad luck incidents being lead by our imaginary friends. Do we share this space with other beings we thought were only part of stories?

Decide on the path. Decide with whom he shares his experiences. Decide on how his visions influence his outlook on life. Decide on how each connected incident is an intricate part of our everyday lives. Decide on the story, and write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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