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Story Institute RamblingVerser - Episode 4

Spiritual and psychological uplift with Joseph LangenJoseph Langen

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Poem from
Henry Wadsworth Longfellowir – The Ladder of St. Augustine

Guest Conversation with
Joseph Langenir

Here is a little about Joe from his website (
“I began by writing short stories in the 1980’s for my own amusement.

In 1990, when I began private practice, I started writing a quarterly newsletter for my referral sources. Eventually I converted this to a biweekly newspaper column which I still write for The Daily News in Batavia. These columns formed the basis for my first book, Commonsense Wisdom for Everyday Life.

In light of my history of my seminary and monastery experience, I became interested in the priest-sexual abuse crisis and thought back to my cloistered years. From this came my memoir, Young Man of the Cloth.

When I realized that no one had told the story from the priests’ point of view, I originally intended to develop a book of interviews with abusive priests. I finally decided to write what I had learned about abusive priests as a novel which resulted in The Pastor’s Inferno.

I am currently working on a novel about a couple coming to terms with their marital difficulties with the working title, Marital Property.

Read a Whohub extensive profile of my approach to writing.”

Poetry prompt:
Peace Within and Without

Short Story prompt:
Waiting on a Past

Running Time: 28 minutes 54 seconds

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