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Poem Idea - St. Patrick’s Day – Wearin’ the Green

The wearin’ of the green…that’s the day when all those who are not of Irish decent celebrate the lovely story of St. Patrick and his day. From marching in large parades to drinking green beer to eating corned beef and cabbage, this day is about celebrating life and enjoying it. This festive occasion brings about a brotherhood many don’t remember exists the rest of the year. This joyous occasion provides opportunities for grown adults to relive their youth and become a part of new traditions. And, don’t forget the beer.

Choose your path. Choose your subject. Choose your favorite memory of the day, if you can remember. Were you standing in a parade line waiting to march your way down Michigan Avenue hold a freezing piece of metal, praying and hoping that the cameras would not catch your step on the opposite foot from everyone else as you passed by the judging booth? Were you a bystander watching the people walk by, happy, chilled, and throwing candy? Either way, choose your words well, but don’t leave out the pot of gold. Remember poems are simple, but have all the power of a story in a little, tiny space. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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