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Poem Idea - Dog Connection

Dogs are great companions and closer to us than we would like to admit sometimes. The soft fur, the floppy or pointy ears, the panting, the growling, the cold nose. All of these connect with our canine pals. Are you thinking about the puppy you got when you were young? Are you reflecting on the neighbor’s pooch? Either way, focus on the connections he brings.

Think about the color of the fur. Think about the emotional connections. Think about the new collar you gave him for his birthday. Does the barking keep you up? Does it wake you up? Does a cold nose nuzzle up to your bare arm in the middle of the night and want to spend more time with you?

Whatever your canine connection, delver further into the beast than what it looks like. Connect to the friendship. Connect to the invisible collar. Connect to the emotion it brings. Remember poems are simple, but have all the power of a story in a little, tiny space. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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