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Poem Idea - Horse of a Similar Color

Horses are majestic creatures admired for their perseverance and taken advantage of for their shear strength. They stand shoulders above most humans and run like the wind…OK, maybe not exactly like the wind, but get caught down wind from them and you will reflect on another strong creature.

Think about the soft mane rising with the breeze as the horse gallops past. Think about the swish of the tale as it swats away the more annoying of creatures. Think about the special shoes they receive without the air-pockets…and, yet, they jump over hurdles and puddles with ease. Think about the rough terrain they encounter and protect their rider when trained.

Whether you’re a rider, a farmer, or just an admirer, you have that special story about one of those grand creatures. If you went around in circles when you were a kid on a live horse or up and down on a wooden one, you have a unique memory you can stretch your emotions to create your verse. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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