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Poem Idea - Mother's Day Reflection

A day to celebrate and recognize those who sacrificed much of their lives and shared love with us unconditionally. Mother’s Day is a day to reconnect with those who provided us with shelter and examples whether we requested it or not. They knew who we were even when we were searching for our inner self. They have their own distinct opinions about our relationships. They become overjoyed and hopeful at the prospect of being a grandmother.

Do you remember her for the long nights spent as little ones recovered from the flu or a stuffy nose? Do you remember lunches being made and random items remaining in your bag, not knowing why or how they got there in the first place? Do you remember those fun games and crafts she created to keep you entertained and occupied, but encouraged your imagination at the same time.

When you think of celebrating Mother’s Day, at what moment did you return? How far back does your preference and memory retreat? When did you realize who your mother was to you? When did this memory form? When did you tell her? Remember poems are simple, but have all the power of a story in a little, tiny space. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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