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Poem Idea - Football Memories

Football is a very aggressive sport. There are many images that may explode into memory. There are many players that run through your mind when you think of the great ones throughout history. Whether it is Sweetness, the Steel Curtain, the Purple People Eaters, Hogs, or just someone named Joe, there are many reasons to write verses about this gun-slinging adventure.

Choose a game. Choose a player. Choose a team. Relive and recreate your recent or recollected engagements of the gridiron madness. If you focus on a player, share their flow, their prowess, their agility. If you center on a team, build to winning or losing traditions within a tiny space. If you engage in a particular game, recreate the momentum, the excitement, the crowd. Help your readers become a part of the encounter as you were. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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