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Poem Idea - Groundhog Days

Ahh, that cute, furry little creature that determines whether the weather will be kind or severe. Yes, this creature is the groundhog. Tiny ears…small pudgy body…very timid…very predictive of the possible future. Sometimes he is correct. Other times he is no so much. Create a verse that ties in the semblance of this simple creature to his prognostications.

When did this craziness start? Does the groundhog know the story itself? Or, is he just along for the ride of being woken early and waits for extra food in a side dish that had remained dormant for an extended period of time as hibernation took over. Give your day and critter a personality that breathes life into the day and the events around the day. Think of how you don’t care about the outcome, yet somehow are always disappointed when he sees his shadow. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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