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Poem Idea - Giant Pandas

An enormous black and white, cuddly-looking bear rests amongst tall bamboo stalks and its rocky surroundings. The giant panda may look cute, but its large teeth and incredibly strong jaws make it more dangerous than your night-time teddy bear. The zoos are becoming one of the few places you can find these creatures. The giant panda uses a pseudo thumb which helps them grasp their favorite meal.

Think about the simple, yet blended colors. Think about the calm, yet protective nature. Think about how it sits up to eat and watch others. Think about what humans are doing to protect and save this resident of the bamboo forests.

Do you remember the panda from your childhood trips to the zoo? Do you remember the panda from a book you read? Do you remember the creature from a recent movie? Whatever the case may be, remember watching it eat, play, and relax. Combine your words to flow with the simplicity and longevity of the giant panda. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

Here are some resources for actual panda poems to use as an example or simply enjoy the creatures and the craft:

(Note: None of these are supported or endorsed by Story Institute, they are provided as examples.)

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