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Poem Idea - Tortoise not Turtle


Tortoises are classified as slow and tired looking. For those that know the beast, they can be described as calm, complacent, wise-looking. The hard shell protects the softer insides from predators, but it is not the enormously comfortable home we may desire. It creeps along 0.13 mph, but does it get to where it is going?

Think about the colors of the hard exterior. Think about the environment in which it lives. Think about the longevity it lives. Does the long life make it wiser than the other creatures of a hotter environment? Does it need air conditioning in that tight enclosure? Could it leave the shell behind and still get around? Think about the connections the creature brings to the distant past and the development of other residents of our planet. What can the hidden secrets of the tortoises provide to the rest of us? Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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