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Poem Idea - Children Are...

Children are intense. Children are exciting. Children are our hope for a great future. They can be influenced in so many ways. It is a delicate path to venture down without a manual or life net…The challenging part is that children do not come with either of those needed resources. What they do come with is a sense of wonder…an insightful awe…a growing curiosity of what it is like to be older.

Think back to when you were a child. If you are still in the bright age yourself, share some of that energy with those older. They will need it. Think about what makes life so pure for a while and what made it change as age set in. Can you get it back? Can you remember where you left it? Can you gather enough to compose a small verse or so?
Here is simple summary of the importance of the connecting to the children left behind and within…

Small Smiles

For all the little ones, Who make our lives Extraordinary.
Small smiles seek shelter for all seasons,
Carefully choosing the cheer they create.
Light laughter from the little ones lifts us.
Tiny tears teach us to treasure happy times.
While summer shines, silly shadows share their own sun;
Breezes of fall blow, breathing beauty beyond compare;
Rented whiteness rests within the winter realm of wonder;
Newness blooms near the now quiet waters of Neverland.
Every burst of energy brings better seasonal balance.
Look longer at the lasting memories of the little ones,
Create cheer to share with each tiny cherub,
So, to safely sail the shores of their souls.

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