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Poem Idea - Fireworks


Bright lights erupting in the phased violet to still darker, out-of-reach canvas encourage memories that reach even further. Fireworks can represent those pretty lights seen from far away. They can represent hot summer days and celebrations of times long past. They can signify those intimate moments during our dating days. The bright flashes take us away from the dull, contentment we may experience during the day into a spark-filled, excited, and loud evening.

Where do you go as the rockets rush upward? What experiences do you remember when you see, then hear the small and larger explosions erupt in front and around you? When do you watch the visions? What tunes linger as the timed capsules shoot upward one after another, after another?

Use the rush of emotions and intensity in your work. Remember poems are simple, but have all the power of a story in a little, tiny space. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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