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Poem Idea - Rose Blooms


A rose is a complicated flower, both to grow and behold. The color of this symbol can determine the type of relationship you share. The level of thorns can determine how long you would like to remain in that relationship. Connecting to the buds themselves enable you to appreciate the flowers and the person receiving them.

Be creative. Be encouraging. Be as intense as the hues these beautiful creations of nature. Open your heart as the petals expand. Tie your story into the intensity of the blooming intricacies. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

Not Just a Rose

White is the innocent beauty,
Which you will always be.
Pink is the friendship which we share,
Showing each other we really care.
Red is the eternal peace and love,
We attempt to realize,
As we continue to touch each other’s lives.

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