Poetry Topics – Peace Within and Without

Peace is a concept with an opposite that provides more damage, quicker than peace can achieve goodness. A sense of peace is different than a state of peace. Calmness, solemnity, lack of violence are all parts that reflect this graceful word. When do we realize the true sense of the word? When do we have time to reflect on the concepts? When is it time to look into the eyes of country men, our family, our children, and share a sense of relief and hope that didn’t reside in their minds before.

Think of the simple words that align to the concepts of peace. Think of the connections you may make with your own country. Are you at war? Are you at peace? Perhaps, you are somewhere in between. What helps bridge the gap? What brings about the reality of peace for you? Decide on the vision of what peace is to you and post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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